Grenada Pizza Tray is a practical kitchen tool designed to simplify the process of handling medium and large-sized pizzas, appetizers, and side dishes when baking or serving. Crafted from solid teak wood, this pizza tray offers durability, longevity, and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Compared to conventional trays, the teak wood material is not only sturdier but also more straightforward to clean, making it a convenient addition to your kitchen essentials.

The Grenada Pizza Tray is available in three standard sizes, each tailored to accommodate pizzas of varying dimensions. The P Z 88 XL variant is specifically designed for extra-large pizzas, featuring a generous tray diameter of 40 cm (16 inches). This ample size ensures that even the most sizable pizzas can be comfortably moved to and from the oven, making the cooking and serving process more manageable.

Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook, the Grenada Pizza Tray offers a stylish and efficient solution for preparing and serving pizzas, appetizers, and sides. Its solid teak wood construction, coupled with its range of standard sizes, makes it a versatile and reliable tool for any kitchen.


D 40 x T 2 CM