"The Onyx Dining Chair is a sleek and modern piece of furniture designed to elevate the aesthetic of any dining space. Crafted with precision and style in mind, this chair seamlessly blends contemporary design with durability, making it a perfect addition to both indoor and outdoor settings.

Constructed from high-quality aluminum, the Onyx Dining Chair boasts exceptional strength and resilience while remaining lightweight for easy maneuverability. The aluminum frame undergoes a meticulous powder coating process, enhancing its resistance to corrosion, scratches, and fading caused by UV exposure. This coating not only fortifies the chair against the elements but also adds a refined finish, ensuring long-lasting beauty.

The chair's design features clean lines and a minimalist silhouette, exuding sophistication and modernity. Its ergonomic shape provides optimal comfort during extended periods of use, making it ideal for leisurely dining experiences or engaging in lively conversations around the table.

The Onyx Dining Chair is not only a testament to superior craftsmanship but also a versatile piece that complements various decor styles, from chic urban lofts to elegant outdoor patios. Its timeless appeal and durability make it a staple for any design-conscious individual or establishment seeking both functionality and aesthetics in their seating arrangements. Whether used as standalone pieces or paired with matching dining tables, the Onyx Dining Chair promises to elevate the ambiance of any space with its understated elegance and enduring quality."

Material: Aluminium


L/W42x D41x H85 CM