The TIARA umbrella is a high-quality outdoor umbrella designed for durability and style. It features a teak wood frame that is known for its strength and resistance to weathering. The canopy is made of Sunbrella or Sun proof fabric, which is known for its resistance to fading and staining. The solid brass fittings and ribs add to the umbrella’s elegance and longevity.

The ribs are wrapped with 16 pieces of solid brass collar, which not only adds to the visual appeal of the umbrella but also helps to strengthen the overall structure. The mechanism used for opening and closing the umbrella is the Pulley and Drawstring Lift, which makes it easy to use and reliable.

TIARA umbrella a premium product designed to enhance your outdoor experience. Whether you are looking for a stylish and durable umbrella for your garden or patio, the TIARA umbrella is an excellent choice.

D 365 cm Round

Frame : 8 ribs (30 mm x 20 mm)

Ribs: Wrapped with 16 pieces of solid brass collar

Mechanism: Pulley and Drawstring Lift

Brass pin (straight) with chain

50 mm diameter pole x 2.6 m length

Weight: 17 kg

Volume:0.15 m³


L 365 x D 365 x H 260 CM