SHAZA DINING CHAIR is a type of dining chair that follows a typical design, combining Teak wood and 5 MM OUTDOOR ROPE C 161 IN CREATIVE WEBBING PATTERN with KT webbing pattern. The chair’s design is characterized by simple, clean lines and minimal ornamentation, giving it a contemporary and sophisticated look.

One of the key aspects of these chairs is their focus on comfort and functionality, making them suitable for extended use during meals or gatherings. Additionally, they are highly appreciated for their aesthetic appeal, offering a balance of both style and practicality.

The SHAZA DINING CHAIR often features tapered legs, which provide stability and a touch of elegance. The curved backrests enhance comfort and encourage proper posture during dining. The use of Viro Poly Peel seats further adds to the chair’s comfort and durability.

Due to their versatile design, these dining chairs can be used in various settings, including homes, dining rooms, and commercial spaces like restaurants or cafes. They are highly regarded for their timeless style, making them suitable for different interior design themes and decor styles.


L53cm x D53cm x H76cm.